Luca Olumets will preside the 80th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Leipzig. She is from Estonia and is currently studying European Studies in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Luca expressed her desire and enthusiasm to work on this project in the upcoming months with the officials’ team and to support the delegates’ educational experience at the session.

President_Luca_OlumetsLuca has has been involved in  EYP since 2007. Ever since then, she attended numerous sessions across Europe and experienced many different roles. Thus, she edited at the 73rd International Session in Zurich and served as a Vice President at the 76th International Session in Barcelona. Among other sessions, Luca also presided the Regional Selection Conference of EYP Germany in Leipzig in February 2013. Luca displays highly academic skills and dedication in working with various officials’ team and we are very honoured to welcome her soon in Leipzig to preside this flagship event of the European Youth Parliament.

In the following lines, she expresses her vision for the session and addresses the participants of the 80th International Session of the European Youth Parliament:

“Leipzig 2015 will gather bright minds and motivated people. A flagship event of the European Youth Parliament, Leipzig will offer the chance to explore the culture of the host city and provide opportunities for challenging yourselves on a larger scale. The 80th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Leipzig will be a joyous celebration, commemorating 25 years of EYP Germany, 25 years since the German reunification, 26 years from the Fall of the Wall, and 1,000 years from the first documented mentioning of the city of Leipzig.  Leipzig 2015 promises a unique historic atmosphere to work in, and the participants celebrate the environment that the host city, the flagship event and its organising team offer.

Leipzig 2015 will be a session driven by actions rather than big words. Leipzig 2015 will not be a project where a group of people set the rules, conditions, come up with the ideas and others just implement. The session will be a collective effort and all the participants together will create Leipzig 2015. The motto “From tearing down walls to setting new stones” aids in breaking patterns and improving on existing ones. Furthermore, the theme of the session ‘Fundamental Rights in Europe’ complements the session motto. It not only highlights a promising academic concept and allows for engagement in a political discussion of fundamental rights of a citizen, but the theme also creates a framework for a common vision of equality and respect, where everyone is reminded of their rights to be an active citizen and voice their opinions. Everyone is encouraged to take ownership of their work and the session in general, to contribute to a learning experience for themselves and others, and to reach individual goals while working towards a common one. As everything we do in the European Youth Parliament is voluntary, it is imperative that everyone knows that their contribution to the session is what will make the session. I hope that the participants can be proud of what they achieve at Leipzig 2015.

Leipzig 2015 will bring out the best in the participants, and represent the best of EYP.”

President of the 80th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Leipzig, Luca Olumets

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