Chairs Team

Chairs Table FacebookThe Chairpersons guide the academic work of Leipzig 2015 and ensure the sound educational progress of all delegates. Each Chairperson leads one of the 15 committees of the event, all of which are working on finding solutions to a specific relevant European policy issue. The final product of the Committee Work is a resolution, which is then debated in the plenary at the General Assembly, the highlight of the session. The team of chairpersons is led by the board consisting of a President and three Vice-Presidents.

During a three-day preparation training, the Chairs Academic Training, the Chairpersons will come together at the beginning of September 2015 to get to know each other, put together the academic preparation kit for the delegates and be trained in group facilitation methods.

Luca Olumets (EE)
President of the Session

Lorenzo Parrulli (IT)
Vice President – Committee DROI II

Kati Pärn (EE)
Vice President – Committee INTA

Laure Steinville (FR)
Chairperson – Committee ENVI II

Conall O’Rourke (IE)
Chairperson – Committee ENVI I

Annmarie Kiiskinen (FI)
Chairperson – Committee DROI III

Andreia-Gemma Moraru (RO)
Chairperson – Committee JURI II

Khalid El Ghoul (NL) 
Chairperson – Committee ECON II

Lia Pachler (AT)
Chairperson – Committee IMCO

Lorenz Stree (DE)
Chairperson – Committee JURI I

Arnolds Eizenšmits (LV)
Chairperson – Committee DROI I

Arriana Yiallourides (CY)
Chairperson – Committee LIBE

Ia Tserodze (GE) 
Chairperson – Committee AFET

Willem Koelewijn (NL)
Chairperson – Committee ECON I

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