Dear Participants,

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the 80th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in the city of Leipzig in Germany.
The session will be held from November 6th to November 15th and will aim at delivering a high-quality event for all those involved. As such, numerous stakeholders have put a great deal of time and effort into this project.

We, the organising team, have been trying to provide the largest possible framework for the session participants to be able maximise their intercultural understanding, to promote dialogue and to foster learning and personal development experience. It is our belief that having selected Leipzig as our host city for a 10-days event bares a lot of opportunities, but also comes along with some important responsibilities. Celebrating a united Europe in one of the birthplaces of today’s united Europe also means realising our role as young ambassadors for a peaceful, united and prosperous Europe in the future.
Leipzig holds a significant place in modern German history, is a place of growing economic importance and holds a vast cultural heritage.
It is an honour for us to present some of the most interesting and meaningful facets of this fascinating city and the region of Saxony. To do so, the session programme and its venues have been chosen with care, prominent guests and speakers invited mindfully and the session participants selected consciously to help us in making this experience an especially memorable and enjoyable one.

Keeping this in mind, we congratulate each and everyone of you for having been selected and joining us on this journey.
Embrace this chance to meet new friends from across Europe, shape an option about relevant topics of EU politics and discover different cultures and habits.

On behalf of the National Organising Committee,
Alexandre Narayanin

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