Cooperation Partners

The 80th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Leipzig is honored to have as cooperation partners the city of Leipzig, the State Chancellery of Saxony, the Saxon Agency for Civic Education, the Stadtjugendring Leipzig e.V. and the Children’s Aid Leipzig e.V.

As Leipzig is celebrating the millennial anniversary of its first documented mention, we are pleased to contribute to the festivities and organise our event in this city. We are working closely together with the department for international cooperation of the city of Leipzig. This department coordinates among other things the European involvement of the city and its partnerships with foreign cities and international organisations. Furthermore the department is responsible for the initialisation and coordination of all EU-related programmes and projects in Leipzig.


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The State Chancellery of the Free State of Saxony supports the Minister-President and the federal state government in their administrative tasks Thus the State Chancellery, which is based in Dresden, evaluates passed legislation on their constitutionality and has further correspondence and communication tasks with the other German states and federal institutions.


As a European association, which is contributing to European civic education, we are proud to have the Saxon Agency for Civic Education (German: Sächsische Landeszentrale für politische Bildung) as a cooperation partner. The Saxon Agency for Civic Education, which was founded in 1991, has the task to promote the understanding of political issues and to strengthen the awareness for democracy and the willingness to participate in political processes amongst the citizens. It is subordinated to the state ministry of the interior of Saxony. Its non-partisanship is controlled through an advisory board.


As a European network for young people, run by young people, it is a great pleasure for us to have the Stadtjugendring Leipzig e.V. as a cooperation partner. The Stadtjugendring Leipzig e.V. is a network of voluntary and non-partisan NGOs in Leipzig with the aim of introducing the local youth to democratic principles and integrating them into local decision-making processes. Its members are fighting against racism, violence and discrimination and see themselves as a link between supporters, politicians, administration and society.


Last but not least, we cooperate with another youth organisation, the Children’s Aid Leipzig e.V, which provides an open space for youth work in the Leipzig district of Schönefeld-Ost. The association has set itself the task to provide meaningful leisure activities for children and young people in their social space. This includes support for homework and extracurricular education. The Children’s Aid Leipzig concentrates its activities in its open youth club and provides equal access to all young people through participation in non-formal education. Thereby the children and young people can discover teamwork, intercultural exchange, manual and scientific exercises and are given the opportunity to try out a variety of recreational activities.


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