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The 80th International Session centres around the 25 year anniversary of German reunification and the fall of the Iron Curtain. It can be seen as one of the largest steps forward in spreading fundamental rights geographically and expanding their scope in recent European history. But how far have we progressed in terms of fundamental rights in Europe since? Where do violations still exist and are there further areas fundamental rights will have to cover in the future? What is the situation of human rights’ protection around the world and what other steps forward are made every day?

Fundamental rights can be looked at through a variety of lenses. The history of their development explains what conflicts lay behind them at their time of creation; political aspects show how they influenced and were influenced by particular policy issues and powers; legal aspects show specific cases of breaches in human rights and how they may conflict with each other; social aspects tell stories of what fundamental rights mean to individuals around the world.

The blog for Leipzig 2015 aims to look at fundamental rights from these different perspectives. It should illustrate why fundamental rights do not always provide straightforward answers and reflect interesting debates or analyses surrounding their effects. While the main idea of Leipzig 2015 is to provide political solutions for current human rights issues, it must not be forgotten that human rights always relate to personal stories of struggle, suffering, and injustice. To put forward feasible solutions these stories and their implicit demands must also be satisfied.

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