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The European Youth Parliament to hold a session in Leipzig

In autumn 2015, the European Youth Parliament in Germany will host the 80th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Leipzig – 1000 years after the city’s first documented mention, 200 years after the Congress of Vienna and 25 years after Germany reunified as the Iron Curtain fell, opening the gates to a united Europe.

The participants from almost forty countries will be challenged academically and creatively under the session motto “From tearing down walls to setting new stones” working on topics around the overarching theme of “Fundamental Rights in Europe”. This will include highly salient topics such as the effects of the financial and economic crisis, European immigration policy and the dangers of right-wing or left-wing extremism.

From the 9th to the 15th of November the delegates will develop proposals during the Committee Work in internationally mixed committees. These proposals will be summarised in resolutions to later be debated and voted upon. An official Opening Ceremony will be held on the 9th of November in the historic setting of the St. Nicholas Church in Leipzig, where we expect important public figures from politics, the private sector and society together with the local and national press.

Likewise we expect to host significant representatives from various fields during the expert talks on the 10th of November. This part of the programme will offer the participants an opportunity to discuss the cooperation of EU Member States with experts from academia, politics and the private sector. They have the opportunity to obtain valuable information as well as suggestions for their committee topics first hand.

The highlight of the ten-day event will be the General Assembly on the 13th and 14th of November, where the participants’ resolutions will be discussed according to the parliamentary rules of procedure of the European Parliament. The resolutions passed by the General Assembly are sent to the patrons of the session, the European Parliament and the entire European Commission to add weight to the ideas of the young Europeans.

The Mayor of the city of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung, and the Minister-President of the Free State of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich, have accepted the patronage of the event.

We warmly welcome the coverage of our event in the media. Journalists with questions about the 80th International Session in Leipzig are invited contact us via email (

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