Teambuilding and EuroVillage

At the beginning of the programme of the 80th International Session in Leipzig the young Europeans will go through the Teambuilding (7th and 8th November 2015), which shall lay the groundwork for intense academic discussions for the next days. In order to establish mutual trust and common motivation, every committee will be accompanied by experienced alumni of the European network of the European Youth Parliament. Through problem solving tasks the young people get to know each other as well as themselves better and learn to create an atmosphere of successful cooperation.

As part of an evening European buffet the participants will then present the traditions and culinary specialties of their countries and regions at the so-called EuroVillage. A colored and intercultural evening emerges on the 7th of November, where the young delegates not only experience exchange through discussions, but also unfold a mutual understanding for different mentalities and backgrounds.

V_delegates_in_circle_looking_down_at_camera V_eurovillage_food_sweden

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony (9th November 2015) marks the beginning of the academic work of the 80th International Session in Leipzig. Distinguished guests will present the overarching theme to the session participants. We are expecting important personalities from politics, the economy and society. All patrons of the session as well as local and nationwide press will be invited.

Beside our internal representatives – the project manager of the event, the president of the session and the chairman of the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe – the guest list will include representatives from local politics and members of the European Parliament from the region as well as active youth groups. In the past we also made use of the opportunity to involve local orchestras to set a musical accent to the programme.

In previous International Sessions we had the pleasure of welcoming Connie Hedegaard, at that time EU-Commissioner for Climate Action, Thomas Hendrik Ilves, the president-in-office of the Republic of Estonia, and Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden.

V_President of the International Session Tbilisi by Janne Vanhemmens V_© Aleksey Prylipka_1

© Janne Vanhemmens, © Aleksey Prylipka

Committee Work with Expert Talks

The Committee Work (9th, 10th and 11th November 2015) is the core of the academic programme. Here the delegates will develop resolutions on European issues in international committees. In addition to an intense analysis of the current situation, a profound preparation of the participants by our experienced international alumni is the base for the academic work. For the development of common ideas, creativity and persuasiveness is required. The arguments of every delegate shall be taken into consideration in this process of compromise and decision making. The common position of the committee will be formulated in a resolution drafted in English, which follows the formal requirements of the European Parliament.

Discussions with experts constitute an additional important element of the academic programme which supplements the Committee Work. In this event format the delegates will be offered the opportunity to discuss with experts from academia, politics and the economy about the cooperation of the EU member states and thereby obtain valuable information as well as suggestions to their committee topics first hand.

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The Euroconcert (12th November) is part of the social programme and contributes to the cultural exchange of the event. The young European participants will contribute a great diversity of traditional and modern performances on this pleasant concert evening. The performances vary from classical performances on the piano and guitar right up to art-music-arrangements, tap dance, beat boxing and traditional dances from the participants’ regions and countries. In addition the European Youth Parliament regularly invites local orchestras or choirs to complement the concert with their own contributions in order to establish the connection between the event and its host country.

For this extraordinary evening we expect many of our sponsors and partners as guests of the event. Likewise the chairman of the Schwarzkopf Stiftung “Junges Europa”, André Schmitz-Schwarzkopf, is a regular guest at the Euroconcert.

V_Euroconcert 67th International Session Grenoble 2011 by Leo Kaindl (3) Euroconcert 67th International Session Grenoble 2011 by Leo Kaindl (9)

© Leo Kaindl

General Assembly

The two days of General Assembly (13th and 14th November 2015) in the plenary will conclude the programme. The 15 committees, composed of international delegates, will present the results they have worked on in the previous days to the assembly. These will be discussed according to the rules of procedure of the European Parliament for a total of about 12 hours. Thereby the proposals will pass through a formal debate, which involves defence speeches, attack speeches, the discussion of friendly amendments and a final voting procedure.

The passed resolutions are sent to the patrons of the session, the European Parliament and the entire European Commission in order to add importance to the ideas of the European youth. Therefore the General Assembly is not only the highlight of the ten-day session, but also enjoys high public interest by prominent speakers and other guests. For the previous International Sessions in Germany we were happy to welcome Jean-Claude Trichet, at that time President of the European Central Bank, in Frankfurt 2010 as well as László Andor, at that time EU-Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, in Munich 2013 to address the auditorium of the respective General Assemblies.

V_GA_delegates_voting_raising_hands (1) V_GA_panorama_Munich_2013

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