[Blog] Reading Sample: Europe Entrapped

In Search of Political Agency In the history of the EU, it was widely believed that an “ever closer” integration will be driven by emerging necessities that lead European elites to find incremental ad hoc solutions without stirring up much attention or mobilizing demands for participation and represen­tation on the part of European … Continue reading

[Blog] John Woodland: My Falling Walls Lab experience

My interest lies in exploiting simple molecular interactions to understand biological systems and the promise this holds for the treatment of infectious disease. Take malaria, for example, which kills someone every thirty seconds; typically, this is a child under the age of five in Sub- Saharan Africa. There is an … Continue reading

[Blog] The pursuit of innovation in health awareness in Egypt

Let’s go back to 2011 during the Egyptian Revolution when the security system was failing in a very dangerous and frightening way. Fear spread throughout Egypt but excitement and eagerness for change was there, too. I told myself, “Protesting isn’t enough”, when I saw damage and death all over the … Continue reading